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How to run Updates:

Updates for drivers and your Windows operating system are very important to fix faults, flaws and enhance speed for your computer

Drivers: Drivers are a very important update. For example keeping your graphics driver updated can improve performance of the graphics card by quite a significant amount. I recall one such driver that gave a performance boast of 40% from the original. Having no driver or a generic one will cause large performance drops.

Updated drivers also provide enhanced performance, and compatibility with programs and games, so don’t wait, update and install today.  

A useful utility to use would be DriverScanner by uniblue which will tell you of out of date drivers, plus allows you to backup and restore drivers also. Click here to download

Windows Updates: Not only will some updates improve performance but they will also make your computer more secure and reliable. Important updates for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and NT are the service packs, which are a compilation of smaller patches and fixes. These updates should always be downloaded, or retrieved from magazine cover disks. (The Service Packs tend to be very large files, so unless you are on broadband do not download)  

Service Packs can be downloaded from here  

You should though download updates from "Windows Update" as they become available.

Where and how to get updates: There are three main places where you can get your updates. The first is within windows. To do this is quite simply. Simply click on start, from your desktop and then click on “WINDOWS UPDATE”. You must be connected to the Internet for this.

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Secondly you can access the Windows Update web page from your browser by using the following address, 

Lastly, for mainly drivers, do a search on the net for them. E.G. if you have an Nvidia Geforce graphics Card then search for “NVIDIA GEFORCE GRAPHICS DRIVER”, in a search engine (e.g. ).

Note: Windows 7, XP and Vista will deliver some driver updates with their downloads, but not all.

Note: Windows 7 and Vista should deliver most missing drivers during the Windows Update Process.









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